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Pair our newest TeMakr* activity table with our popular STEAMspace stools and what do you get? A collaborative workspace that is mobile and encourages hands-on learning. With our highly recommended writable surface, this table facilitates collaboration and creativity in the learning space. Great for the classroom, collaborative spaces, and STEAM learning environments.

1 x TeMakr T-Table 55″ x 34″ x 27/28″H
4 x STEAMspace Stool 17″ x 12″ x 18″H

Seats 4 / 3-4, Middle, High
Footprint: 60″ x 48″

Collection includes STEAMPSACE stools with chrome finish. Wood finish legs shown here are custom and available upon request.

*Design patent pending


Our hands-on hero is on the move - and with more storage.

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STEAMspace Stools × 4

Light and comfortable learning space seating options.

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