The ideal shape for group collaboration and ideal for any learning space. Designed to bring students closer together.

Available in all standard finishes.
Writable surface option available in all sizes except 63in.

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35in(L) x 35in(W) x 22in(H)
35in(L) x 35in(W) x 27in(H)
35in(L) x 35in(W) x 28in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 22in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 27in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 28in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 22in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 27in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 28in(H)

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