STEAMspace Bench 2.0 Pair

Included as part of the STEAMspace Generation 2 Starter Collection or double the number of workspaces by adding an additional STEAMspace Bench 2.0 Pair* to your starter kit.

Includes 4 double-sided magnetic surfaces that can be stored directly on the bench to quickly transform surfaces for math, engineering, science – or whatever hands-on activity is required.

Go from wriatble surface to chemical resistant surface to plywood surface in seconds.

2x Benches 48″ x 20″ x 36/30″H
2 x U-Channels 24″ x 6″ x 4″H
4 x Interchangeable Tops 48″ x 20″
2 x Writeable Surface/ Chemical Resistant
2 x Plywood/ Plywood Tops

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50in(L) x 46in(W) x 36in(H)
50in(L) x 46in(W) x 30in(H)

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