About Us

NorvaNivel is creating impactful learning environments where not one but every learner is engaged.

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Everything we design and manufacture is created by our Dallas, Texas team!

Made and manufactured in the United States, our sole mission is to invigorate the environment where learning takes place. Curiosity is at our core along with an endless passion for inquisition. From our inception, we have been committed to becoming monarchs of a movement that propels equitable learning towards its exciting future.

Our Design Philosophy

Designing is understanding user perceptions, which means there is never a one-size-fits all solution. We know that education can alter the trajectory of a person’s life, and we aspire to be a part of it. We value intentionality in products that foster learner engagement and agency. When designed with intent, spaces can elevate intrinsic commitment to curiosity.

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We believe human-centered design is the key to connecting spaces with instruction, learning, and culture in a tangible and meaningful way. We continuously seek to understand tomorrow’s world and strive to master our skills needed to get there. Like our spaces, we adapt to ever-changing circumstances and remain relentless in our pursuit of innovation for the benefit and advocacy of each learner.