Collaborative learning spaces encourage both peer to peer learning and brainstorming as well as teacher facilitated learning.

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Rows of tiny desks all facing the same way does not allow for a 21st century learning experience. Collaborative learning spaces by nature should be extremely flexible and agile, allowing for movement and integration of technology. Our designs encourage group work and discussion. These spaces can be for both small and large group sizes. Collaborative learning spaces can also be included in both Library + Shared Learning spaces, presentation areas, and brainstorming areas. LET’S EXPLORE...

"When you give them an alternative and open up some options for how they sit, it’s amazing how it just removes barriers to’s been interesting to see how the kids actually get excited about what they’re doing."
Bruce, Principal, NorvaNivel Customer



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The Windmill Collection is an ideal collection for collaborative learning.

Modular collection for large group gatherings.

Creating a space within a space, this collection facilitates a quiet space small group zone for explicit and guided learning or small group collaboration.

Senior sized space for collaboration. A unique structure that creates a space within a learning space.

A perfect group zone in any library, shared learning, and staff spaces.

Group learning and planning sessions are facilitated by this collection of Conclave seating and PebbleTree surface.

Designed for collobarative work in middle and high school learning spaces.

Ideal for two-person huddles or paired collaborative work.

Create a space for stand up meetings and discussions.

An ideal space for face to face discussion and interaction.

Creates a quiet space for peer to peer collaboration and learning.

Empower learners with seating choices.

Ideal for larger group learning zones in 21st century learning environments.

A highly flexible collection of work surfaces and seating that can be reconfigured for any learning space.

Ideal for collaborative and tech-based environments.

Our newest sit-to-stand tech bar design.

6-person work surface with added storage.

Our newest sit-to-stand tech bar design for 10 learners.

Our newest sit-to-stand tech bar design for 12 learners.

Our mobile and collaborative sit-to-stand tech bar for 6.

Our mobile and collaborative sit-to-stand tech bar for 4.

Our mobile and collaborative seated tech bar for 6.

Our mobile and collaborative seated tech bar for 4.

The seated STEAMspace Table Jnr with low STEAMspace Stools facilitates an agile STEAM space.

The STEAMspace T-Table Collection is a unique table and storage combination for classrooms and STEAM spaces.

With a writable surface top and our unique RockerOtt seating, this collection is perfect for both classroom and STEAM spaces.

A creative collaborative collection of tables and seating for classrooms, STEAM, and more.

Our SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Collection is the ultimate learning tool. An essential element in any space, its whimsical design sparks creative thought and imagination.

Our sit or stand collection with writable top is the perfect space for planning and brainstorming.

A shape is not all it seems… the SunshineOnACloudieDay Table is uniquely designed so that the learner can create personal space suited to their preferences.