Any active and agile learning space requires zones that allow for individual and reflective type learning.

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These areas are designed to allow the user to learn individually or one-on-one with a teacher or a peer. Questions that arise are more easily answered in this environment without a learning space that is packed with 25 students. These areas may encourage reflective work incorporating technology or provide informal spaces for self guided reading, researching, and understanding concepts presented in explicit teaching sessions. LET’S EXPLORE...

"We are all different. We all learn and work in different ways."
Chris, Deputy Principal, NorvaNivel Customer

COLLECTIONS FOR Individual + Reflective Spaces


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Our foam filled CrashPods are designed to be noise and crush free.

Allow learners to create their own space with the Genga Curve.

Consists of 6 Genga pieces, encouraging a small space within the larger learning environment for students to create their own informal learning zone.

The Incupod Nook creates a withdrawal space that every learner would want to retreat in.

Quickly create a test environment with these lightweight screens.

The perfect reflective study space for senior students, libraries, or common areas.

Private study area with acoustic privacy screen.

Acoustic wrap screens create a study, testing, or research pod.

Stand, sit, perch or lean and all positions in-between. The choice is theirs.

The private space divider creates a quiet learning environment anywhere in a busy classroom.