These spaces are designed to be conducive to staff collaboration, working, and learning.

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Moving from traditional single purpose staff rooms to creating staff spaces that cater toward collaboration, individual work, learning spaces, and communal social spaces will provide the framework for purposeful teacher interaction. These spaces can be both defined separately within the school or incorporated as part of the cohesive learning space. This will be an environment that ensures group collaboration and planning. LET’S EXPLORE...

"Using exactly the same concepts with the classrooms, we created our staffroom that has collaborative spaces."
Sinan, Principal, NorvaNivel Customer

COLLECTIONS FOR Staff + Administration


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The most reconfigurable table set yet. The CC022 is designed to be used in any configuration imaginable for a 21st century learning space.

Create a relaxed meeting area for staff and administration.

Through a group guided learning session, this collection is designed to create a space for explicit teaching and technology based learning.

Our foam filled CrashPods are designed to be noise and crush free.

A uniquely designed space for collaboration.

A collection of 9 MissOtt Cube Ottomans.

Ideal for two-person huddles or paired collaborative work.

Our unique boards designed specifically for schools encourages an ergonomic learning environment.

An ideal space for face to face discussion and interaction.

Creates a quiet space for peer to peer collaboration and learning.

Provides a relaxed space for students and staff to gather and have both casual and focused conversations.

An informal meeting or working space with our popular Scofa seating.

Creates a great central meeting place in libraries, breakout learning, and staff and administration spaces.

Ideal for larger group learning zones in 21st century learning environments.

Our sit or stand collection with writable top is the perfect space for planning and brainstorming.