The surface in the modern learning space has taken a whole new meaning.

Our company looks at how tables and desks can facilitate movement, collaboration, and encourage students to learn with their various learning styles.

The tables can come in differing heights and are constructed in a way that increases the ergonomic value in the learning space and encourages collaboration through shared spaces and writable surfaces. Our designs are created not with ordinary shapes in mind, but rather at how these shapes can encourage learners to share ideas and encourage collaboration. Think Outside the Square



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These tables allow for a truly flexible space that can be easily set up and configured for various learning activities.

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Half round table from the highly flexible Collaborative range of surfaces.

A larger version of one of our most popular and reconfigurable tables for learning environments.

Quarter collaborative table designed to suit the unique flexibility and multiple configurations encouraged by the Collaborative range.

Straight collaborative table designed to suit the unique flexibility and multiple configurations allowed by the Collaborative range.

A unique structure that creates a group collaboration space within a learning space. Junior size for younger learners.

Senior sized collaboration space. A unique structure that creates a space within a learning space.

Soft triangular shaped table designed to suit individual learning.

Designed specifically to add power and data charging solutions in a shared learning space.

Soft edge rectangular table on flip frame for easy use and movement both in a learning space and among shared spaces.

Great for active learners who prefer some movement while learning. It is an essential classroom table to have in a learning environment.

A low table designed for on the floor work or to complement seating in a Staff and Administration space.

Private study area with acoustic privacy screen.

Soft edge tables designed for individual use and small group collaboration as required.

A soft cornered four sided table that is suitable for any learning environment.

Available on its own or part of a range our seating and surface collections.

Table designed to complement our Conclave range of seating and bookcases.

Standing height straight table to suit Conclave seating range.

Can be used in any space. Folded and nested, these tables are the perfect complement for an agile shared learning space.

Standing desk suited to small group collaboration.

The Plektrum table is light and easy to move. The optional writable surface brings a new dimension to any table.

The Power and Data Module can be added to most tables.

Round table with optional whiteboard surface top is made to suit group learning and collaboration.

Our mobile and collaborative sit-to-stand tech bar for 6.

Our mobile and collaborative sit-to-stand tech bar for 4.

Our mobile and collaborative seated tech bar for 6.

Our mobile and collaborative seated tech bar for 4.

Movable work surface for STEAM learning environments.

Incorporating a writable surface with storage along with a uniquely created table.

A surface for hands on learning for a flexible STEAM environment.

Portable group discussion board or table surface, the SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Table has a unique design and can be used in any learning space.

The standing height SunshineOnACloudieDay Table is suitable for engaging group activity work and projects.

The angled leg static SunshineOnACloudieDay table suits collaborative learning and explicit group learning.