Plektrum Table

The ideal shape for group collaboration and ideal for any learning space. Designed to bring students closer together.


23″ x 22.5″ x 22/24/27/28″H
35″ x 35″ x 22/24/27/28″H
46″ x 45″ x 22/24/27/28″H

Available in all standard finishes.
Writable surface option available in all sizes except 63in

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35in(L) x 35in(W) x 22in(H)
35in(L) x 35in(W) x 27in(H)
35in(L) x 35in(W) x 28in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 22in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 27in(H)
47in(L) x 47in(W) x 28in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 22in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 27in(H)
63in(L) x 63in(W) x 28in(H)

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