Our 60-Second Rule. Because Every Minute Matters.

For educators, every minute matters. That’s why our truly flexible learning spaces can be rearranged to suit any activity in
60 seconds or less by even the youngest of learners. Can your spaces do that?

Bondi Public School in ACTION

BUSY DAY at St. Luke’s Catholic College

Penrith Christian School ON THE GO

View some of our agile   PRODUCTS AND COLLECTIONS



The most reconfigurable table set yet. The CC022 Collection is designed to be used in any configuration imaginable for a 21st century learning space.

CONCLAVE Collection (Maxi)

The CONCLAVE Collection (Maxi) facilitates a whole class discussion and is the perfect seating centrepiece for any library or shared learning space.

CONCLAVE NNCG12 Collection

This collection is designed to create the perfect space for explicit teaching and technology based learning.