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Begin any learning space transformation with an initial consultation. At no cost to an organization, an initial consultation is the perfect way to discuss the culture of an environment and emphasize hopes and dreams for each space. Within an initial consultation, we will seek to understand, plan to actualize, and work to grow in partnership for the benefit of each facilitator and learner.

Live Design

Live Design is a beautiful way of seeing ideas come to life! At no cost to an organization, Live Design allows stakeholders an opportunity to experience a 3D model of a space while manipulating layouts and products to gauge their effectiveness. Working with NorvaNivel’s Chief Architect, Franco Modolo, and Director of Education, Hannah Tejeda – culture, curriculum, learning profiles, methodologies, and objectives will be carefully considered. Schedule a Live Design and get ready to be excited, encouraged, and revitalized within the project process!

Live Design
Comprehensive Needs Assesment

Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

Any thorough project process begins with a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA). Walking through a CNA with Director of Education, Hannah Tejeda, ensures the consideration of communication capability, storage capacity, curriculum model, learner profile, and instructional method of each space. The CNA process includes a site walkthrough utilizing research-based measurement tools and paired with a data report an organization can use for internal growth, board presentations, town hall meetings, fundraising opportunities, and so much more. Schedule your site’s CNA today for a better equipped tomorrow!

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Pilot Programming

Effectively adapting any space may include trial and observation! Just as formative and summative assessments are experienced in a classroom, so can learning environments change to best meet needs within a space. Pilot Programming includes an initial Comprehensive Needs Assessment, CNA Report, Live Design, pre & post installation development sessions, onsite installation management, and potential opportunities for product exchange. Including a program schedule of 12-16 weeks, the Pilot Program is anything but cookie cutter and works to create the most equitable learning environment possible!

Pilot Program
Case Study Program

Case Study Programming

Case Study Programming seeks to provide an organization or district with paramount data contributing to the betterment of an overall learning ecosystem. This 6-phase program incorporates consultations, observations, development sessions, workshops, progress walkthroughs, facilitator evaluations, and a detailed Report Booklet. Each phase of the program is tailored to each organization/district and takes a collaborative approach to research. What sets this programming apart, is its focus on learner integration throughout the research and observation processes. Case Study Programming runs between 1-2 semesters and can be continued with Coaching services. The main objective of programming is to work towards acceptance of the environment as a second teacher. Let’s get started!

Guest Speaking

Level up any event by hosting NorvaNivel’s Director of Education, Hannah Tejeda. Through presentations, discussions, and workshops, guest speaking is a phenomenal way to propel groups forward in their awareness and understanding of spatial influence. With topics such as Knowledge Acquisition, Space & Pedagogy, and Needs-Based Approach, guest speaking works to tackle misconceptions, observe new findings, and apply new skills within the world of both education and educational design. Sessions are available in-person and online for 60-90 minute segments with opportunities for half or full-day experiences. Contact Hannah Tejeda to schedule your complimentary first session!

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Guest Speaking

Coaching/Professional Development

NorvaNivel offers personalized coaching for any educational organization. Professional Development seeks to break down barriers prohibiting the learning ecosystem from functioning effectively. With session topics such as The Environment and Knowledge Acquisition, Learning Environments (Needs-Based V Advocacy-Based), Space & Pedagogy, and Behavior Management Meets the Physical Learning Space, coaching is an all encompassing service. Coaching allows educational leadership and facilitators the opportunity to embed spatial objectives into curriculum maps, scope and sequences, units/lessons while working to understand how space supports transversal communication skills. Available online and in-person for whole groups, small groups, and 1:1 sessions, this is a magnificent way to continue positive growth for all organizational members.

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