Classroom spaces today are flexible enough to facilitate all learners and learning activities.

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The modern classroom has changed from years gone by as we equip our learners with digital literacy skills and hands on learning opportunities. A 21st century education consists of collaborative learning through discussion and brainstorming with teacher facilitated instruction. Creating spaces that are unique to each learner and unique to each school is something that we pride ourselves on. Listening and understanding through consultation, the school’s learning objectives assist us in creating a perfect classroom environment that supports the educator, the pedagogy, and the needs of the learner. LET’S EXPLORE...

"I think you just need to walk into one of these rooms and see the levels of engagement and the passion that the children have for their environment, their classroom and their learning."
Chris, Deputy Principal, NorvaNivel Customer



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Easily reconfigurable to suit a range of group sizes and learning activities, this collection is ideal for instruction and presentation.

Designed to suit classrooms, libraries and shared learning spaces.

This collection is ideal for instruction and presentation. Modular and inherently flexible in its design.

The most reconfigurable table set yet. The CC022 is designed to be used in any configuration imaginable for a 21st century learning space.

Group learning and planning sessions are facilitated by this collection of Conclave seating and PebbleTree surface.

Our latest tiered seating solution nests for more space.

Our latest tiered seating solution nests for more space.

Allow learners to create their own space with the Genga Curve.

One of our most versatile Genga collections yet, with a range of pieces whose uses are as unlimited as a student's imagination.

Designed specifically for education, these boards assist learners in entering into a more receptive state for learning.

Quickly create a test environment with these lightweight screens.

Creating a learning space that allows learners to move between sitting on seats and sitting on the floor creates an ergonomic and engaging learning environment.

This nested collection of 4 tables can be easily placed in a collection or moved apart.

Acoustic wrap screens create a study, testing, or research pod.

Stand, sit, perch or lean and all positions in-between. The choice is theirs.

Teacher's desk and mobile storage unit on wheels.

A highly flexible collection of work surfaces and seating that can be reconfigured for any learning space.

The STEAMspace T-Table Collection is a unique table and storage combination for classrooms and STEAM spaces.

With a writable surface top and our unique RockerOtt seating, this collection is perfect for both classroom and STEAM spaces.

A creative collaborative collection of tables and seating for classrooms, STEAM, and more.

Our SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Collection is the ultimate learning tool. An essential element in any space, its whimsical design sparks creative thought and imagination.

A sit or stand collection with writable top and balance boards is the perfect space for an active learning environment.

A shape is not all it seems… the SunshineOnACloudieDay Table is uniquely designed so that the learner can create personal space suited to their preferences.

One of our most loved collections is now on the move.

One of our most loved collections for 3rd grade up to 12th.

Our hands-on hero is on the move - and with more storage.

The WORKPAD is a unique portable seat and lap desk.