In 2010, the NorvaNivel team visited its first school. During this visit our creative director had the privilege of listening to the principal speak of a radical shift in learning. Shifting globally from the industrialised era to the digital era, the learning activities and outcomes were changing rapidly. Transitioning from the acquisition of knowledge through instructional teaching, learners were now being encouraged to develop a set of skills transferable to any learning activity and ultimately any profession.

With this shift in learning the need to change the learning space was an essential component in supporting this pedagogical shift.

For NorvaNivel the challenge was set and a passion was stirred deep
We had to collaborate with educators and learners to properly facilitate them through this transition.

And so it began… Working with Northern Beaches Christian school in Sydney Australia we came up with our first products and spaces that spoke to this need for flexible, agile, and collaborative learning environments.

The CONCLAVE™ Collections, SCOFA™ Collections, and high tables were the first pieces in this space, facilitating movement and collaborative learning activities
The success of these pieces and spaces sparked an even greater passion to continue to develop products and spaces that gave schools and learners the confidence to invest in this change.
In 2012, we created the next generation of product. Our famous ROCKER OTT™ coupled with our writable surface STEAMSPACE™ CREATE Table and COLLOBANA™ JNR Collection.

As children started to respond to these spaces and educators started to see how these spaces were enhancing the learning experience it sparked growing interest in our approach. We continue to be embraced across all types of schools from Australia to the United States and beyond.

Every school we go to teaches us something new. Listening, collaborating, learning, and measuring the impact of our spaces and products gives us the insight for continuous improvement. This is honing our mission of creating spaces that have a positive impact on the learner and the educator.
Since our ambitious beginning we have been committed to staying abreast of innovation and the changing needs of learners

From our WORKPAD™ Caddy to collections that include surfaces and seating configurations for facilitating large and small groups. To our more whimsical pieces such as the INCUPOD™ and GRASSY DOME™ Ottomans, each piece has been purposefully designed to facilitate a wide range of learners and learning activities.


The Future Our industrial designers are continuously improving on our current designs and seeking to introduce new designs that speak to all types of learners and all types of educators. We are always looking to achieve a new generation of learning spaces nurtures the skills required for future work.

We are passionate about our journey and look forward to continuing to develop our range introducing STEAM learning and new product that will encourage and incorporate digital literacy into the learning space.

We look forward to continuing our passion and working with your school to create a NorvaNivel learning space.