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Keep your pens, dry erase markers and other small bits and pieces in easy reach.

Minimize mess by storing your bottles, markers, and other tall accessories upright.

Keep your tabletop pristine and define a space for cutting different materials.

Quickly create an individual workspace in your STEAM learning environment.

Keep larger tools like hammers and mallets within easy reach.

Our innovative approach to hook and loop application lets the learner the opportunity to create ownership of their learning space.

Keep a collection of tools such as screwdrivers or scissors close at hand.

The Paper Roll Accessory encourages brainstorming and group work at a moments notice.

Compatible with all included Pegboard accessories, as well as any of your own.

Bring power to your tabletop.

Hold one or two tools on lanyards.

Storage for small items like sticky notes and erasers.

Keep tablets visible for quick reference or instruction while working in your STEAM learning space.

A flexible storage solution for tape in your learning space.

A storage solution for your test tubes, markers, pens, paintbrushes - and more!

Extend your STEAM workspace by connecting two work surfaces with our STEAMSPACE U Channel Holder.

Whiteboard shapes that can adhere to any hook and loop receptive surface.