Unless your head’s been buried under a rock, it’s now very clear that students learn a variety of ways. And NorvaNivel has played a major role in creating active learning spaces that support and engage them all. 

Though some educators may still subscribe to the notion that learners focus better sitting still in rows of desks until the bell sounds, today’s progressive educators are proving the opposite to be true. Schools are now promoting equity over equality and providing agile, active learning spaces to engage all learners. That’s where our RockerOtts truly shine. 

As relentless explorers in the world of educational spaces, we’ll never stop searching for new ways to empower educators and inspire each and every learner.

A decade ago, we took a page from schools in Finland. They knew early on that active learning and collaborative activities encourage all students to be more involved. The Fins have long embraced 15-minute breaks on an hourly basis. Well, that made us think.

Could space facilitate active learning? Could agile furniture promote movement in classrooms? Why couldn’t a seat engage physical learners who might be considered “restless” or “disruptive”? We truly believed it could, and we were going to prove it.


NorvaNivel RockerOttTM was born.


Often imitated, but never duplicated, our award-winning RockerOtt was the first of its kind. And a decade later, it’s still an amazing success. Lightweight, flexible, and truly versatile, the RockerOtt continues to be the ideal seating. Its unique design not only supports learners through all their natural body movements and learning needs, this rockstar channels physical learners’ excess energy to focus on their tasks at hand. 

“Its flexibility, portability and adaptability make the RockerOtt an absolute must for implementing flexible furniture in their classroom.”

Sinan Kerimofski, Principal, Vasse Primary School. 

A Good Design Award winner, its novel round and flat side design allows learners to choose how to use their RockerOtt– as a static seat, or as a rocker with varying degrees of movement. Schools love it as it comes in three different heights to suit students from kindergarten to high school, as well as an exciting range of colors and material. Both functionally and aesthetically, the NorvaNivel RockerOtt totally rocked. And continues to rock classrooms worldwide.

The response to our RockerOtt was overwhelming. Both students and teachers loved it as an ottoman, a lower seat and a rocker – at least three seats in one.”

– Avron Levin, Creative Director and creator of the RockerOtt 

Introducing the RockerOtt10. 

RockerOtt10™Meet the RockerOtt10. A new slant on our favorite rockstar with a 10° ergonomic angle to unlock the body and release the mind. An ever-so-slight, but genius change so that learners can stand, sit, lean, and now perch. The choice is theirs.

The RockerOtt10 now supports learners through all their natural body movements and their lower back while improving cognitive development and well-being. And like the original RockerOtt, the RockerOtt 10 can be customized to suit any learning space both functionally and aesthetically as it’s also available in three different heights and a huge range of colors and materials.

So there you have it. The story of the one, the only, the original RockerOtt and its clever sequel, the RockerOtt 10. Accept no imitations.

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