Learners’ needs have changed. So should our classrooms.

Now more than ever, learning spaces must meet the needs of each and every learner – a challenge rooms with static desks and chairs were never designed to do.

A space designed for the average learner is a space designed for no one.”

– Todd Rose, TEDxTalk, The Myth of Average

Learning spaces must be designed with the intent of learners as individuals.

A space where each may find a place of their own. Children who have the ability to manipulate their space have a greater opportunity to discover their own power and purpose – their path to agency.

While sitting at a desk may work for some learners, it doesn’t work for every type of learner. Knowing learners’ strengths and learning styles is paramount to understanding how they process information and learn best. Some learners may work better with a group, while others work best independently.

Asking “What makes kids want to learn? What makes them feel different when they walk into a space? How do we engage them better?” and gathering this information aids in planning and ensures that space is created for all the unique learners in the environment. Having various options in the space allows all learners to feel successful and acknowledged.

Our mission is a personal one.

Grounded in our own children’s future, and our promise to ready them for a world of unlimited opportunity. Each one of them, unique in every way, gives us an invaluable perspective on what makes truly engaging learning spaces. We relentlessly explore new ways to design learner-centered spaces where not one, but every child is engaged, and every educator empowered.

We’re out to transform the world of educational spaces. Are you with us?