Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 classrooms in an innovative learning community.

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A pioneering school in the fast-growing Sydney suburb of Marsden Park, St. Luke’s offers five educational services as part of one learning community, in order to meet the needs of families and students in the area. Its progressive approach encourages the holistic education of students through a developmental and student-centered approach to learning. St. Luke’s innovative attitude toward learning required an equally innovative learning environment that would encourage communication, collaboration and facilitate creativity and critical thinking.

The school recognized that the set-up of these new environments as well as the furniture, was crucial. Its classrooms are designed with multiple focal points for different activities. For example, multiple screens for teacher presentation and an area for explicit teaching. The spaces needed to be versatile; to allow the entire class to gather, for smaller groups and pairs to work, or for individual reflection.


St. Luke’s principal, Greg Miller, says the NorvaNivel furniture, and the flexibility it offers, allows the students and the teachers to take ownership of their space and, ultimately, increase their engagement in learning.

“From building cubby houses with Genga blocks to inclusive learning tables and exciting seating choices, the furniture is used in multiple ways to support the flexible agile learning of a very 21st century educational space.”


With the brief to address the need for multiple focal points and facilitate working with peers and in groups, the furniture needed to be flexible enough to accommodate people working in pairs, in groups of four, or in larger groups.

As part of its consultative approach, NorvaNivel assesses each learning environment individually and makes custom recommendations based on the school’s specific requirements and desired outcomes for their learning spaces.

Leveraging insights from working with over a thousand schools, we provide tailored recommendations for each space and for various types of learners through multiple conversations with stakeholders. The spaces designed include: Presentation and Large Group Learning, Explicit Teaching, Individual and Reflective, and Collaborative.

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“From building cubby houses with GENGA™ blocks to inclusive learning tables and exciting seating choices, the furniture is used in multiple ways to support the flexible agile learning of a very 21st Century educational space.”

Mr Greg Miller, Principal



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The STEAMspace.05 creates both a tech zone and sit or stand work zone.

The Amphi Jnr.03 is a surprisingly lightweight foam structure.

Teacher's desk and mobile storage unit on wheels.

Creating a learning space that allows learners to move between sitting on seats and sitting on the floor creates an ergonomic and engaging learning environment.

The WORKPAD is a unique portable seat and lap desk.