How a diverse range of furniture has created learning engagement like never before.

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Turlock Christian School was founded in 1969 to provide schooling for the local area and has grown to serve 690 students from as far as up to an hour away. The school is recognized as one of the most advanced learning facilities in the country, with state-of-the-art technology and a K-6 curriculum in specialized areas such as Robotics, Multi Media, and Computer Science. With everything from a green screen facility to a Makerspace lab, Turlock Christian School is an extraordinary learning community. To accommodate its growing population, Turlock Christian School purchased a 42,000 square foot former MedicAlert Foundation building nearby and transformed the space into an open and flexible learning environments for its elementary campus. To complement its 21st century curriculum, Turlock required next generation learning spaces with innovative school furniture.


NorvaNivel are committed to supporting the success of students through furniture and spaces that maximise learning engagement. The results have been young students who are able to make the space their own, work in their preferred learning style, and have access to a variety of work areas to take ownership of their learning experience. This ownership, as well as the comfort of the furniture, has increased student engagement.

There’s much more engagement. There’s more collaborative working, thinking and higher level thinking skills are being used because of that. It raises the bar mentally just from the having this [range of] furniture where the children can choose their best learning environment. – Mrs. Pam Hanson, Principal


Familiar with NorvaNivel’s innovative designs and approach to flexible learning spaces, Steve Sharp, former headmaster of the progressive Monte Vista Christian School, introduced the company to the Turlock Christian Elementary principal and the school’s interior designers. The school’s decision makers had a vision to create completely open and collaborative learning environments.

They worked closely with NorvaNivel’s design team to bring the vision to life through 3D renders and a wide variety of vibrant colors. The collective team had a strong understanding of the benefits of color and texture on the learning experience and selected colors and fabrics accordingly.

Some of the key pieces selected for the classrooms and library include: GENGA™ Collection, CONCLAVE™ Collection (Maxi), ROCKER OTT™ Seating, STEAMSPACE™ Create Table, AMPHI™ Curve Collection (Jnr), and the GRASSY DOME™ ottomans.

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“I am thrilled with our new NorvaNivel furniture! There is definitely more student engagement in the classroom with these beautiful designs. Our new furniture provides a space for more collaborative opportunities where students can problem solve and utilize critical thinking skills. We now have a creative and inspiring environment of comfortable, contemporary and highly functional furniture in every classroom throughout our campus. It truly raises the bar of best practices in education where children can move and choose their best learning environment!”

Mrs. Pam Hanson, Principal



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The Conclave Collection (Maxi) facilitates a whole class discussion and is the perfect seating centrepiece for any library or shared learning space.

Flexible seating options that give learners the control in how their bodies learn best.

With a writable surface top and our unique RockerOtt seating, this collection is perfect for both classroom and STEAM spaces.

Unique design and construction, the GrassyOtt encourages social interaction and sensory benefits associated with learning.

The Amphi Jnr inner is ideal for group work in a 21st century learning environment.