Norva Nivel Fall Overstock Sale 2023

Collaborative™ Small Qtr Table

Quarter collaborative table designed to suit the unique flexibility and multiple configurations encouraged by the Collaborative range. This quarter table can fit anywhere inside the classroom.

PebbleTree™ Table 39″

A soft cornered four sided table that is suitable for any learning environment. Works as a standalone table or desk or it complements a number of our soft furnishing collections designed for group work.


SunshineOnACloudieDay™ Foldable Table

Portable group discussion board or table surface, the SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Table has a unique design and can be used in any learning space. The ideal tool for creative brainstorming and discussion. The unique design enables each student to actively participate.

PebbleTree™ Foldable Table

Foldable tables make it possible for students to go from brainstorming to presenting in a matter of moments with the optional writable surface top. The soft edges invite closer collaboration.


Equilateral™ Table

A thoughtfully considered solution to the agility required in today’s classroom. this table is designed for all classroom interactions from private work to collaborative projects. 6 Equilateral Tables can be pushed together to create a large hexagonal shape for group work or pulled apart for individual work.

Conclave™ Booth Outer Bookcase

Curved shelving that can be used on its own or with our Conclave range. Available with standard finish, whiteboard, or hook and loop receptive carpet back.


RockerOtt™ 18″

Flexible seating options that give learners the control in how their bodies learn best. Designed with one flat side, RockerOtt encourages movement and fidget naturally. A great seating solution for students that have a difficult time staying still in a classroom.


Not only brightly colored seat cushions, but are also portable lap desks and back rests that will allow the student to work anywhere.


Genga™ Small

Designed for any use imaginable in a 21st century learning environment. These smaller blocks can be used as seats, writing surfaces, or for creating soft structures.

RockerOtt 10‚™

With a 10° angle to support the lower back, the RockerOtt 10* is a new slant on our favorite rock star, the RockerOtt. Like the original, this unique seat facilitates active sitting from rolling to rocking, and now offers a perching position, which puts students in the “ready to learn” position.


TeMakr‚™ 28″

Our favorite activity table for learners is even better. With casters for added mobility, the table is ideal for hands-on and collaborative learning. The new TeMakr* design provides table-top storage, giving more access to what learners need. With our highly recommended writable surface, this table facilitates collaboration and creativity in the learning space.

STEAMspace™ T-Table 20″

The STEAMspace T-Table is more than a unique design, adding a whimsical functional approach to a table. Perfect for group learning in a 21st century learning environment.



A NorvaBoard provides learners active movement in a 21st century learning environment. Whether used while standing or sitting, the NorvaBoard’s slight rocking movement has many benefits.

STEAMspace™ Stools 25″

STEAMspace Stools can be used in all learning spaces including STEAM and makerspaces. Ideal for students of any age in any learning environment. Light and comfortable learning space seating options.

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