Conclave BC03

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A collection of storage and surfaces that can be used by learners who prefer working on the floor. The inclusion of the WorkPad Caddy ensures comfortable seating for all learners.

4 x Conclave Booth Outer Bookcase 54″ x 22″ x 35″H
4 x Perch Curve Inner 41″ x 20″ x 14″H
1 x WorkPad Caddy 17″ dia x 26″H
10 x WorkPad 16″ dia x 2″H

Seats 4-10 / K-2, 3-4. Middle, High
Footprint: 144″ x 84″

Available in all standard materials.

Bookcases come with carpeted back. Also available with writable or standard back.

Conclave Booth Outer Bookcase × 4

Curved shelving that can be used on its own or with our Conclave range.

This item is not available at the moment.

Perch Curve Inner Table

Available on its own or part of a range our seating and surface collections.

This item is not available at the moment.
This product is currently unavailable.