With a 10° angle to support the lower back, the ROCKER OTT 10* is a new slant on our favorite rock star, the ROCKER OTT. Like the original, this unique seat facilitates active sitting from rolling to rocking, and now offers a perching position, which puts students in the “ready to learn” position. The seat design supports learners through all their natural body movements, improving blood flow and cognitive development. Like all of our lightweight ottomans, the core offers just the right firmness without adding weight.

For K-2, 3-4, Middle and High School
*Design patent pending

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18in(L) x 16in(W) x 12in(H)
18in(L) x 16in(W) x 16in(H)
18in(L) x 16in(W) x 18in(H)


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