The Incredible Multipurpose GENGA Blocks


Gone are the days of wooden desks neatly aligned in a row in a classroom. It has been a slow change in education with most classrooms looking the same for the last few centuries. Finally, needed changes are taking place for the benefit of the students. No longer are they asked to sit in a hard chair for six hours a day as the teacher stands in front of the class. And by using GENGA Blocks, the students will be able to let their creativity flow instead of being contained.

GENGA Blocks in Education

GENGA Blocks can be used in a variety of ways in education. Learning spaces need to be unique inside the classrooms, and GENGA Blocks can make sure that this happens. The set-up style of the old classrooms were not conducive to 21st century learning. Students need to feel ownership of their workspace. The multifunctional GENGA Blocks makes this a reality. No two learning spaces will ever quite be the same.

GENGA Blocks come in a large and small size with many different colors to choose from. The high quality of the foam stuffed blocks will make these lasts a long time even with constant use. NorvaNivel produces all their multipurpose furniture pieces with great care and attention. The material they use on the blocks is also sound dampening, which is welcomed in any classroom. There are many ways possible that students might use them.

Using GENGA Blocks

One option, could be used as a room divider or to divide one space into many spaces. They are lightweight and easy to move, so even the youngest students will have no problem placing these where they want them. However, this is just the beginning for how to employ them into learning spaces. There are far more creative ways.

If it is a classroom with younger students, students in preschool to grade three, the kids love to use GENGA Blocks to build structures. It allows them to be creative and use their problem- solving skills. These are much like the smaller building blocks they use at home, but on a much larger scale with life-size blocks that can almost be as big as them. The students will have hours of enjoyment constructing cubby houses, forts, obstacle courses, and quiet areas that they can make into their own learning space. Once again, they are quick and easy to move, so every child will have no trouble manipulating them.

Multipurpose and Versatile

The genius of GENGA Blocks lies with its versatility. Anyone with imagination will be able to use these in a variety of ways. Children have been using them as simple comfortable seating in the classroom. Placing a few GENGA Blocks on the floor will enable all students to sit down for a presentation in a matter of moments. They can also be stacked so the seating heights can be differentiated. Stadium seating in the classroom is possible with GENGA .

Learners using GENGA Blocks to create their own space at St Luke’s Catholic College, Marsden Park.

GENGA Blocks can also be used as a working surface. They hold up well when a child sits on one and uses another on their lap for a writing surface for assignments and projects. They act as an individual table top for each student. Allowing students to get away from their desks and letting them work on projects while relaxed is optimal for 21st century learning. No longer are they tied down to a chair and a desk. Placing a laptop or portable device on top of a GENGA Block gives the student a suitable learning space for technology usage.

GENGA Blocks in your Learning Spaces

NorvaNivel creates their unique classroom furniture with an eye towards the Four Cs of education. As 21st century learning shies away from old school classrooms, focus is placed upon allowing students to build on their skills. Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity can all be facilitated by using GENGA Blocks accordingly in the classroom. These specific skills are essential for student growth and success.

NorvaNivel would love to hear more about how you use your GENGA Blocks in the classroom or at home. How are your children using them in other ingenious ways? Inspire others and share your stories and tag us @NorvaNivelus on Twitter!