Conclave NNCG05

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The collection of seats and surfaces are designed to encompass a large instructional learning space. Facilitating technology guided learning, this collection is ideal for library spaces, shared learning, and staff spaces.

3 x Conclave Booth 40″ x 27.5″ x 35″H
2 x Conclave Booth Straight 47″ x 27.5″ x 35″H
1 x Circle Round High 47″ x 24″H

Seats 7-10 / Middle, High
Footprint: 132″ x 84″

Available in all standard materials. Writable surface option available.
Custom materials and finishes available on request.

Conclave Booth Straight × 2

Seat with a high back to create a booth space within any learning space.

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Conclave Booth × 3

Designed specifically for pedagogical outcomes, the curves encourage social interaction and collaboration.

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Circle Round Small

Spacious circle ottomans that come in different sizes are perfect for any classroom set up.

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