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With over 30 hook and loop receptive accessories in the Starter Kit collection; 4 interchangeable, double-sided work surfaces in addition to the robust carpeted table surfaces; and ample storage we empower educators and students to work on STEAM activities from as soon as the collection is received. The movability and reconfigurability of the system ensures that it can be easily stored away or function as a centrepiece of any learning environment.

2 x STEAMspace 2.0 Senior OR Junior Frame and Bench
2 x STEAMspace Senior OR Junior Caddy (3 Tub)
2 x STEAMspace U Channel Holder
1 x STEAMspace Top Accessory Kit
(Includes 4 x STEAMspace Surfaces)
4 x NorvaBoard
1 x STEAMspace Container Board and Ledge
1 x STEAMspace Container Tall Bin
1 x STEAMspace Dividing Screen
1 x STEAMspace Screen Holder
1 x STEAMspace Test Tube Holder
1 x STEAMspace Small Basket
1 x STEAMspace Tablet Holder
1 x STEAMspace Multi Hook
1 x STEAMspace Single Hook
1 x STEAMspace Hefty Hook
1 x STEAMspace Power Module
1 x STEAMspace Paper Roll and Holder
1 x STEAMspace Tape Holder
1 x STEAMspace Cutting Mat
1 x STEAMspace Pegboard
3 x 3 in Straight Hook
3 x 5 in Double Hook
1 x Multi-Prong Hook
3 x Double Ring Tool Holder
4 x Peg Hook Plastic Bin
1 x Whiteboard Collective (2-square, 2-round)
10 x STEAMspace Hook and Loop Small Dot 2″ DiameterAccommodates 4-6 learners.
Available in 2 heights.