Research Based Approach


Hannah Tejeda – Educational Consultant
August 2023

One common pitfall of the educational furnishings industry, is that designs are influenced by adults outside of the education system with primarily aesthetic influence. NorvaNivel is attempting to change that narrative by using educator/learner influenced, research-based designs. Collaborations between educators, learners, architects, designers, and marketing specialists have allowed NorvaNivel to embark on a fresh adventure; creating the most efficient effective designs available for educational spaces.

Research accomplished by The National Library of Medicine, the International Journal of Ed & Practice, Frontier Psychology, and Penn Medicine highlight key developmental discoveries which NorvaNivel considers when fabricating and executing new designs. Partnering these discoveries with educator knowledge, learner experience, and marketing strategies – NorvaNivel has unlocked furniture’s super power in the knowledge acquisition process.

Elements such as shape, color, crowding, noise, cognitive and physical development, and social experience play a role in each pen stroke of our designs. After all, if the furniture in a classroom prohibits authentic exploration, equity, and agency – why is it there?

These new pieces contemplate the journey of investigation. They support a variety of learners with leveled cognitive and physical abilities. Theories of above mentioned research, state a large percentage of the learning experience has nothing to do with what an educator is sharing, but everything to do with what a learner is experiencing. External and internal stimulants can be supported, even changed, simply by considering the furniture and layout of a learning area.

We are excited to soon be sharing new products with you. And to continuing our expedition in providing all students and educators with equitable spaces that propel learning forward.