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What do we know about kids and fort-making? What does this have to do with school or education?

Emily King, a child psychologist and former school psychologist, out of North Carolina states, ‘Fort-building can help kids regulate and process reality on their own terms.’

Dave Sobel, teaching faculty at Antioch University in New England, studies adolescent ‘experiences with creating personal spaces in the outdoors, the role these spaces play in children’s evolving sense of self, and implications of place-making for education.’

Well, NorvaNivel would like to build a fort – introducing: FlexPod

Lets Build A Fort 1
Flexpod 1


The FlexPod offers the ability for pieces to be used separately or cohesively in tandem with a variety of teaching methodologies. It allows for increased differentiated modality and positive modification planning.

It has a simple puzzle-like design. The FlexPod can be used pieces together horizontally, for a circular conversation cove. Place a table in the center, and it automatically befits any collaborative activity. Piece the FlexPod together vertically, and it transforms into a ‘pod’.

NorvaNivel offers coated vinyls that are waterproof and maintain their appearance for years. They are easily cleaned with soap and water – and have great durability. These vinyls have flame retardant properties to guarantee safety and compliance, while respecting energy efficiency and resources/recyclability.

This creative, progressive, yet grounded in human-nature product, allows facilitators and learners 6+ configurations – supporting the individual and the group.

Flexpod 2