THE WEIGHT OF IT ALL – Conclave Sit’n’Store


Papers shuffling. Folders flapping. Zippers zinging. Feet stomping. Lockers slamming. Pencils tapping – The sounds of an educational space in action. Educational institutions, on average, open their doors between 6:30-7:30AM and conclude instruction between 3:00-4:30PM. Depending on the age or grade, a learner might participate in activities for 4-7 subjects each day, not including meal times and/or a designated movement block.

When my 5 year old son came home from his first week in Kindergarten, he put his hand on his forehead and sighed, “Mommy… kindergarten is busy!”

Regardless of grade or age-range, learners are BUSY! An influx of mental and physical stimulation means a constantly shifting nervous system. Learners and facilitators alike, can begin to feel the weight of it all. Attuning to regulating the nervous system is crucial when designing for educational spaces. Assisting learners along their busy endeavors encourages growth in autonomy, self-discovery, and healthy risk-taking.

NorvaNivel is here to offer a supportive solution.

Introducing – Conclave Sit’n’Store


CONCLAVE Sit’n’Store

The Conclave Sit’n’Store offers a space saving, creative avenue for increasing seating options as well as providing sensory and weighted resources. Handy alcoves provide storage for NorvaNivel TacTiles and NEW weighted lap pads and blankets. Working in partnership with school leadership, educators, interventionists, and therapists – NorvaNivel considered quantitative and qualitative research when designing the Conclave Sit’n’Store.

Using the Sit’n’Store is both comfortable and easy. Learners are able to self-advocate and situate themselves with sensory or weighted items. Facilitators and school leaders are able to house regulation resources in offices, entryways, reset spaces, and libraries/media centers.

Conclave Sit’n’Store’s weighted lap pads and blankets consist of microglass beads – a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, environmental friendly filling that allows the user to feel light even pressure. The sensation of this pressure gradually decreases the nervous system’s duration in fight or flight mode – offering a state of physical and mental calm.

Just like other Conclave pieces, the Sit’n’Store is an ideal way to assist classes during designated active learning
pursuits. Presenting learners and educators with environmental differentiation and modification.