Genci 1

Each of NorvaNivel’s new designs are based on an educational or design study. Research from The National Library of Medicine, International Journal of Ed and Practice, Frontier Psychology, The Hun School of Princeton, Harvard Business School etc. along with personal and professional experience is taken into heavy consideration when adapting pieces for educational and therapeutic spaces.

Soft and agile seating is changing the game regarding learner comfort and focus while in an educational space. Think about it… an academic year is roughly 180 days. An academic day, on average, is 7:30AM-4:00PM. The education industry inherently asks a lot of its facilitators and learners. To increase growth, promote attendance, emphasize individuality, highlight collaboration, and showcase skill sets… educational spaces require as diverse furnishings as learning styles within them.

NorvaNivel’s Genci has been providing spaces with flexible, angled, easily stored solutions. After absorbing organization’s positive feedback regarding Genci…

NorvaNivel would like to introduce – Genci Straight.

Genci 1


Genci Straight offers adaptability and transformation that is controlled in collaboration between learners and facilitators. It promotes agency, self-actualization, problem-solving within the individual learner as well as the collective. It supports child – adolescent physical and emotional milestones as well as assists the facilitator with curriculum implementation and overall upholding of academic excellence along with socio-emotional dexterity within the learning space.

It’s straight lines support smaller layouts and more intricate spatial designs. It’s cocoon characteristics assist with storage as well as gives opportunity for more foot traffic and physical movement.

NorvaNivel offers coated vinyls that are waterproof and maintain their appearance for years. They are easily cleaned with soap and water – and have great durability. These vinyls have flame retardant properties to guarantee safety and compliance, while respecting energy efficiency and resources/recyclability.

Genci 2