The ability to easily rearrange furniture gives an educational space a way to intrinsically connect with its users. Regardless of setting or cognitive background, giving agency to an individual is NorvaNivel’s primary goal. With the objective of self-actualization, problem solving, and socio-emotional awareness – NorvaNivel has worked cohesively with organizations to meet these goals utilizing furnishings and collections.

Shapes, colors, and textures that can be re-imagined and maneuvered by learners lends itself to experiential opportunities – giving learners the reins to their own educational understanding.

NorvaNivel is proud to introduce – GengaFlex.



One calming function the GengaFlex emphasizes correlates with the Tetris Effect; an idea that our minds map shapes and colors while connecting them to the world around us. Introduced in educational settings, this process can suggest mental stimulation that sparks the problem solving process. Ultimately kick starting a self-sufficiency exercise.

It’s argued that the the effect shapes and repetitive action have on cognitive functioning is an imprint of procedural understanding. Shapes make a profound impression on how the mind stores and uses long-term memory. GengaFlex gives learners and facilitators an occasion to incorporate these exercises.

GengaFlex can be utilized a plethora of ways. Lay the tri fold mat flat and individuals can enjoy learning while laying down. Perch one tri fold using the straps in order to provide back support for a floor seating. Configure the folds into a stack and enjoy bench style seating that can be set against a wall or straddled. Each arrangement easily compiled by the learner and can be used in independent, project-based, team-based, or collaborative learning.