ROCKIN’ AROUND – Conclave Rocker

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Based on a conglomerate of research, we know that more intentional movement = more focus, more focus = more progress. We also know that when learners enjoy a space, have agency in that space, and grow in their self-actualization process, there is increased attendance, increased regulation, and lowered frequency of escalated behavior.

The uniqueness this piece offers, encompasses great qualities of preexisting products. It merges designs into a holistic masterpiece. It can be used for an individual or group, emphasizing learning individualistically, independently, or collaboratively.

NorvaNivel would like to introduce – Conclave Rocker

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The Conclave Rocker is an integration of lumbar support and symmetrical motion. This brings comfort, durability, and focus to the process of knowledge acquisition.

Its angled bottom allows for forward-backward motion while the angled back piece implements weight distribution. Offering the learner or collective an outlet to regulate their physical selves while adjusting visual and auditory focuses.

NorvaNivel offers coated vinyls that are waterproof and maintain their appearance for years. They are easily cleaned with soap and water – and have great durability. These vinyls have flame retardant properties to guarantee safety and compliance, while respecting energy efficiency and resources/recyclability.

Viable and flexible options should not come at a cost of comfort of physical developmental appropriateness. The design of the Conclave Rocker brings attention to the challenge of adaptability in educational furnishings as well as the psychological challenge in viewing movement as negative behavior.

Let’s support each learner in their process. Let them move.

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