Collobana Alto 1

Alongside academic durability and aesthetic appeal, NorvaNivel considers natural curiosities and needs of learners when designing for educational spaces.

The appeal of audio integration into academic spaces has grown tremendously with advances in technology. EdUtopia coins audio, specifically music, as a reinforcer of language skills, reading ability, working/long-term memory, etc. It’s clear that including audio resources within the learning environment has had a positive impact on various populations.

Having the ability to compartmentalize and regulate audio stimuli within an educational space while keep sight lines is vital.

Many learners love sliding into nooks and crannies during activities in order to feel safe and to adjust audio/visual sensory.

As a facilitator, what if you were able to offer this sense of safety and regulation, all while keeping open sightlines; culminating in a collaborative space learners enjoy. Well, now you can…

NorvaNivel would like to introduce – Collobana Alt

Collobana Alto
Collobana Alto 1


Collobana Alto tips its hat to the ingenuity and popularity of the Collobana collection. Its emphasis on small group learning provides individuals the ability to feel safe within collaboration and discussion. Its reeded feature allows for audio and visual regulation while giving clear sight lines for instructors and facilitators. Collobana Alto’s height offers variation in learner positioning, providing differentiated spatial options.

The fluidity the Collobana Alto proposes, highlights the impact regulation has not only in the classroom, but in high traffic or common areas. This piece works well in entryways, common spaces, study halls, dining halls, classrooms, and student/staff lounges.

Paired with a writable top and heightened seating, this cozy alcove is perfect for learners whose challenge might be participation, but are working towards becoming involved. Designed with the individual in mind, the Collobana Alto brings learning to life – connecting and engaging learners in transformative work.

Collobana ALto 2