The Story Behind… CLOUDIE™ Table

NorvaNivel CLOUDIE Classroom Table

Gone are the days of rows and rows of desks, with all students facing the front of the classroom towards the teacher. The industry has shifted away from industrial learning with student desks to student-centered pedagogies, and learning spaces have followed accordingly. However, depending on the educator, even classrooms with non-traditional furniture can be used for traditional teaching practices.

That’s the inspiration for how the NorvaNivel designed CLOUDIE Table was created.

Education is constantly transforming, so why shouldn’t the character of the classroom follow suit?

The CLOUDIE Table’s non-tessellating shape was designed specifically in such a way that it can’t be used in a purely traditional learning environment. The CLOUDIE Table simply will not line up in a nice little row. Instead, it’s designed to facilitate cooperative and collaborative learning in small groups of up to five or six learners.

Additionally, with the option of a writable surface, the group work can easily be captured directly on the table. Furthermore, we have also designed the CLOUDIE Foldable Table, with writable surface, that enables students to easily transition from idea generation to presentation for the class by flipping the table on its side and using their work as a whiteboard.

Research certainly shows educational activities that are social, engaging, and student-owned leads to a more complete understanding of the subject. The benefits of collaborative learning are many. There is more open student to teacher communication with the small groups. The students learn to accept one another’s opinions and thoughts while working together in a self-managed group. This is preparing them at the same time for real life situations where discussion with others is needed instead of a teacher led traditional classroom.

What kind of space is the CLOUDIE Table best suited to?

CLOUDIE Table is suited to a variety of learning spaces. In classrooms they facilitate collaborative activities and student-centered pedagogies, breakout spaces, and classroom libraries. CLOUDIE Tables would be perfect for early learners in spelling and math exercises by allowing them to practice right on the writable surface. We also offer a standing height CLOUDIE Table that can be used in all of these locations, but is also great for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) spaces, staff, and administration areas.

What is the benefit to the learner?

Not only does the CLOUDIE Table have a non-tessellating shape, but like all of our designs, it was designed to accommodate multiple types of learners.

The writable surface is perfect for the visual learner who comprehends information better by charts, diagrams, and pictures.

The auditory learner does well at the Cloud Table because it seats five to six students that are collaborating on the topic. This means there is an active discussion that they can participate in.

Kinesthetic learners are the hands-on learning types. They like to participate and solve problems in a hands-on manner. The CLOUDIE Table provides each student their own sizable space to do this in.

The reading and writing learners prefer the written word. They love to take notes and make lists, which the CLOUDIE Table’s writable surface is made for.Importantly, the shape of the table allows learners to select an area to work from that provides more or less personal space – depending on their preference.

The CLOUDIE Table was imagined and created for a more cooperative and collaborative learning environment, but yet still can be used in a more traditional classroom as well. It is ideal for all learning types with different sized areas and a writable surface. The ability to turn the CLOUDIE Table on its side to allow for presentations is a creative option not seen in most classrooms. The CLOUDIE Table is quintessential for modern day learning.