At NorvaNivel, we recognize that students learn in a variety of ways. In an agile learning space, the notion that students need to sit still for long periods of time is a largely antiquated perspective. Schools in Finland embrace 15-minute breaks on an hourly basis. Active learning and collaborative activities encourage students to move around in order to be involved. Importantly, progressive educators are creating environments that support students who would have previously been considered “restless” or “disruptive” by offering furniture solutions to more physical learners.

That’s the story behind the ROCKER OTT.

The ROCKER OTT is a lightweight, flexible seating solution can be used in a variety of positions to support the learner’s preference. With a round design that is flat on one side, it can be used in a variety of positions allowing for it to be a static seat or offering varying degrees of movement. It encourages subtle movement that helps learners channel excess energy and focus on the task at hand in the classroom.

This versatile piece can be customized to suit your learning space both functionally and aesthetically. It is available in three different heights, suiting students from kindergarten through to high school, and a huge range of colors and materials.

NorvaNivel Creative Director, Avron Levin, describes the ROCKER OTT design as an “extremely versatile seating solution”. “Due to its light weight, it can easily be carried around any learning space. Students and teachers can use it like a standard ottoman; rock forward on the flat side; place it on its flat side for lower seating; or straddle it on the round edge for greater movement.” says Levin.
“It’s one of our most popular pieces for these reasons.”

What kind of space is the ROCKER OTT best suited to?

The answer is everywhere! The ROCKER OTT is suitable for all learning environments: library, classrooms, breakout spaces, and even staff and administration environments. Because of its lightweight, proprietary foam structure it can easily be moved from space to space. Yet its design means its durable enough to withstand heavy use by students without losing its shape.

What is the benefit to the learner?

The ROCKER OTT allows for subtle movement, which can assist with concentration in some learners. It is designed to maximize engagement from students who prefer some movement while learning or working. Yet its versatility means it can be used by all students.

It is flexible, lightweight and comfortable, which makes it an ideal seating option for contemporary learning environments.

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