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10 Ways to Stretch your Budget to Create Meaningful Change

Ten Ways To Stretch Your Budgget Ft Img

As summer strolls in, and the campus gets waxed, painted, and washed, this is the leadership team’s time to buckle down and work on budget and how to spend. With the support of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds, your school may […]

learners need more than a safe place.

1LearnerByWindow Mask 1280

A learner’s well-being doesn’t stop at physical distancing. They desperately need developmentally, socially and emotionally safe spaces as well.

Home Hacks for Creating Learning Spaces

Home Learning Hack

Before you scour the stores attempting to simulate the traditional classroom, you may want to explore what’s really going on in progressive schools, and most workplaces.

The Story Behind the RockerOttTM. The Original Rockstar.


The award-winning NorvaNivel ROCKEROTT is the first of its kind. Lightweight, flexible, and truly versatile. The original RockerOtt was and still is a seating solution that can support learners through all their natural body movements and learning needs, as well as channel physical learners’ excess energy to focus on their tasks at hand.

How COVID can make us better

COVID Classroom design

COVID-19 has definitely impacted global education. How do we sustain distance (albeit temporarily) in learning environments while ensuring it doesn’t become the overriding principle in space design?